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The Venezuelan American Petroleum Association – VAPA, is a nonprofit professional organization in the Hydrocarbon industry and other related energies.

The purposes of the Association are:

1) Promote the professional growth of its members in technologies applied to the value chain of energy sector while maintaining a high     standard of conduct.

2) Provide technical support, education and training for the sustainable development of the Venezuelan Hydrocarbon Industry.

the objective

Why is important to belong to VAPA?

An association is the better way to connect the numerous Venezuelan American professional related to the energy industry living in the Houston area and this network will offer unique opportunity to interchange expertise and build strong professionals connections.

Also, broaden your knowledge attending courses, seminars, lunch and learn to keep you up to date in the state-of-the-art technologies. We can learn from each other, even if you are not related to the energy industry directly and we can share ideas and enjoy meetings to recognize the values of the Venezuelan American community in the Houston area. 

Staying in contact with other organizations could boost your professional career 

Membership is very affordable and gives you the option to assist to events where the association is involved.

Upcoming Events

Postponed until

Fall 2020







Past events









Sat 16

Nov 2019

Digital Transformation

Francia Galea y Henner Truchsess

– New skills and abilities requirements with Artificial Intelligence

– Online trend of capturing new knowledge 

Digital transformation as the process of using digital technologies to create new  or modify existing  business processes

– Challenges in a new industrial revolution


Sat 26

Oct 2019

Futuro de la Industria Petrolera Venezolana: ¿Cómo ser parte de ese esfuerzo?

Horacio Medina y Yiovanni Hernandez

– Cooperación Inter-Institucional para apoyar la recuperación de la Industria Petrolera en Venezuela.

– Una visión para recuperar la producción petrolera en Venezuela.


The Team


The Directors:

Carlos Sanchez

Francisco Gamarra

Carlos Moreno

Luis Pabón

Jorge Zajia

The Promoting Team:

Marel Sanchez ,Yrama Roman, Carmen Gabriel, Carlos Torres, Victor Garcia, Alexander Gonzalez, Alfredo Fernández, Henner Truchses, Alejandro Guerra, Pedro Sanchez, Milton Mendez, Tyrone Perdomo, Pablo Jerez, Miguel Bosch, Elsa Fernandez, Flor Pineda, Eduardo Quijada


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